Checking-up Before Checking-out: The Importance of Pre-Travel Vaccinations

Due to Australia’s firm border security and immunisation laws, our fair little island can proudly claim to be free of numerous diseases that are causing havoc across the globe. Currently, Australia has had no reported cases of Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Polio, Malaria, or Diphtheria passing legally over the border in the past decade. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O), along with Immunise Australia strongly recommend that anyone travelling overseas, for any period of time, make sure that they are up-to-date with their routine travel vaccinations.


Caring for Your Travel Companions

Southbank Doctors Thao Tran and Toai Phan, the leading practitioners of the Freshwater Place Wellness Medical Practice support this message and would like to add that additional immunisations are recommended for people travelling to places with low levels of infection control (Borneo, Africa, Bali etc.). It is strongly suggested that you and your travelling companions visit your local GP or travel clinic at least 10 weeks before your appointed travel date; this allows time for all paperwork to be completed, and that the necessary immunisations have ample time to adjust and adapt your immune system. There are no ‘generic’ immunisations; each set of vaccinations and prevention treatments are determined by our doctor’s HALO method: the process of analysing your health, age, lifestyle, and occupation to determine which treatments are best suited to you.
Our Southbank doctors in Melbourne make sure to analyse every potential risk of your upcoming holiday, especially when it concerns children. With their still developing immune systems, children are the most at risk of becoming sick overseas. Whether they themselves become ill, or are simply a silent carrier of a disease, it can mean the potential risk of re-introducing a serious or fatal sickness back into Australia’s borders. We all wish the best for our children’s health, and our Southbank doctors are here to guide you on the steps to ensure you on your family’s health and safety for an overseas trip.

Staying Safe – Our Southbank Doctors Are Here To Help With Travel Vaccinations

Here at Melbourne’s Freshwater Place Wellness Medical Practice, we strive to uphold and maintain Australia’s brilliant healthcare programs. It is through the support of the government and the people nation-wide that we keep our country safe. Most illnesses can be prevented with a simple modern vaccination and basic travel awareness; W.H.O, in accompaniment with our Southbank doctors thoroughly urge anyone who is planning on travelling overseas, to book an appointment at our local Southbank doctors or travel clinic. It is our priority to keep not only your families, but the families of Australia safe and disease free.


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