Make a Medical Check-up Your New Years Resolution

2017 is upon us and every year, we make New Year’s resolutions that we aim to keep. Lose weight, get fit, stop drinking alcohol, start a new hobby – the list goes on.
Unfortunately, 90% of our resolutions fall to the wayside because life gets in the way.
One New Year’s resolution that you should make (and keep) next year is to start looking after your health a bit better, and that includes visiting your local medical centre for a medical check-up more often.

There are too many times when we’re feeling unwell, or we just have a bad feeling something isn’t right with our own bodies, yet we ignore it rather than making that short trip to your doctor.

When Should I Book a Medical Check-up?

You obviously don’t want to go for just any reason. A sniffle or a headache is probably no cause for concern, but you should see a doctor if you have a significant symptom.

For example, you’re feeling fatigued for more than a week; you have heartburn that keeps getting worse and the pain is spreading down your arm; your tummy upset lasts longer than 4 days and you’re losing weight and unable to keep anything down.
You should also see a doctor if you find a lump anywhere on your body, you have a mole that has scabbed over or changed shape, you have a fever that Panadol isn’t helping, or you’re simply not feeling yourself (depressed or anxious). It’s the old adage – it is better safe, than sorry.
You could even consider heading to the doctor for an annual medical – just to make sure everything is okay. They are able to do blood tests at your request, will check your limbs and movements, and ask numerous questions for both your physical and mental health.

Although annual check-ups at the doctor used to be a regular thing 20-50 years ago – these days they are virtually non-existent. That’s no reason why you shouldn’t start a new trend amongst your family and friends.
Happy New Year!


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