Sexual Health Assessment and Treatment

If you’re sexually active, it’s an essential responsibility to monitor your own sexual health.

Sexual health checks can be uncomfortable and awkward but for a doctor or qualified health practitioner, sexual health checks are a normal part of their job, and they know how embarrassing it can sometimes be.

The Importance of Sexual Health Checks

Although it might not be the most comfortable appointment of your life, it can be one of the most important. For your own health, and your sexual partners’ health, (past, present and future), the responsible thing is to get check-ups regularly.
When people think about sexual health, the assumption is that it relates solely to sexually transmissible infections/ diseases or sexual dysfunction.

Although these things are part of your sexual health, the main focus is on respect, safety and pleasure, and taking care of yourself.
Even if you are anxious about a check-up, it’s still very important that you have them. At a sexual health assessment, you can discuss your sexual and reproductive health and rights issues.

What’s Involved in an Assessment?

Sexual health assessment check-ups can involve examinations (for STIs, pap smears (for women), sexual dysfunction and more) and can also include discussing contraception options, reproductive issues and your rights in sexual relationships with your doctor or health care professional.

When Should I Get Tested?

A check-up is recommended under a number of common circumstances.

If you think you may have contracted an STI, if you’ve had unsafe sex, if a condom fell off or broke during sex, if you or your partner/s has had more than one sexual partner/s, if you’ve shared injecting equipment, or if you’re at the start of a new sexual relationship you should organise an appointment.

FACT: Untreated STIs can lead to long term health problems like infertility, organ damage or blindness.

If you have questions or concerns about your sexual wellbeing, don’t be afraid to book an appointment today.

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