Benefits of a Walk-in Doctor

There’s only one thing worse than getting sick, and that is not knowing you’re going to get sick until you’re hit with it.


Tummy bugs are a terrible culprit and they can leave you indisposed for days at a time, with little or no warning.

Sudden onset of fever; an injury on your way to work (maybe you have fallen on the cement and sliced open your knee); or a migraine that Panadol doesn’t seem to be helping…
There are many ways in which you might suddenly be feeling unwell, all of these only made worse when you call your regular family GP only to be told there are no appointments available today.

That’s where a walk-in doctor comes in very helpful.

How Can a Walk-in Doctor Help?

Provided you don’t have any life-threatening illness, or you haven’t chopped off a finger at work, a walk-in doctor can take care of all basic and urgent medical emergencies (like those we’ve named above).

Yes, you might have to sit in the waiting room for half an hour to see the next available Doctor, but I’m sure you’d agree that it is better than not seeing one at all – or filling up the Emergency Room at your local hospital when it really isn’t necessary.

The Benefits of a Walk-in Doctor

Here are some of the other benefits of having a walk-in doctor available to you:

1. Convenient Location

They are generally conveniently located, in populated areas, such as the CBD.

2. Wide Range of Services

They offer a wide range of services and often have bonus facilities on site (such as Xray).

3. Multiple Staff Available

There is usually more than one doctor who is willing to take emergency care patients, to diagnose and treat your condition as soon as possible.

4. Covered By Medicare

Most services will be covered by Medicare, and some clinics will also bulk bill (and if you can’t afford to pay right away, there will no doubt be a few bulk bill clinics nearby).
If you’re in need of emergency medical care, finding the right walk-in clinic is as simple as searching your local area on Google.


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